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How bad is inflation? Leave a comment

Today we are all asking the same question, “How bad is inflation?”. Prices are going up and it doesn’t seem to be going down anytime soon. Everything from gas to eggs is much more expensive today vs a year ago. The bigger issue is that salary’s aren’t going up at the same rate, which would be a healthy inflation. It is getting increasingly difficult to be able to afford the basic necessities of life on the current monthly income of many people. People are starting to have to make tough discissions on what to cut out so they can afford the essentials. For tips on how to control your money read How to save money in 2022.

How high are gas prices? Some people seem to have gotten used to the new price of gas, but a year and a half ago the national average per gallon was $2.47 per gallon. Although gas prices have been going down a bit from the extreme high, it isn’t necessarily something to celebrate because gas is still much higher then $2.47 per gallon.

The price of eggs has also gone through the roof. Prior to the pandemic the price of eggs was as low as $0.99, currently grocery stores are charging up to $4.00 per dozen. This is due to the pandemic, inflation and the bird flu. But regardless of the reasons for the price hikes, many people are suffering due to them. With the inability to purchase enough food for their family people need a new way to save money.

For many people, the luxury of buying what you want and when you want it isn’t a reality anymore. But what if I told you that you can still buy what you want even if it’s not always right when you want it? It sounds like an impossible feat because you can’t purchase what you can’t afford. But if you buy smart, you can purchase a lot more. We at dealsoneverything.com posts the best deals daily on the internet. It’s free and a great way to buy what you want when it’s on sale. Check the website daily and never miss a great deal again.

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