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Order out or cook at home? Leave a comment

Today with the luxuries of Uber Eats, Doordash, Grubhub and others, it is very easy to order out and have it delivered to your front door. No more of those days where you actually have to get up from the couch and walk a block to pick up your food, now you just need to press a few buttons on an app, and 30 minutes later some food is by your door. This luxury has stopped many people from cooking food at home, simply because of the effort involved.

Why you should order out; you don’t need to move, you get delicious food delivered to your door. Why you shouldn’t order out; bad for your health, expensive, now that we have gotten down the good and bad of ordering out, let’s break it down. If you don’t want to move a muscle, then ordering out seems like the perfect option, but is it? Sure the food might be delicious but is it worth your health? Most food that you buy through these apps is not healthy and is drenched in oil. Think about burgers, french fries, pizza, etc. During the pandemic, these apps made a lot of money because everyone used them, but at the same time, everyone gained weight.

Home cooked meals are much better for you and generally taste better. The one big downside is the effort that goes into home cooked meals. The question you have to ask yourself, “What is my health worth to me?”, will be the game changer for you. The moment you realize the negative effects of ordering out and realize how much you care about your health, is the moment you will stop ordering out as much and start cooking at home. The other big benefit of cooking from home is the cost. Home cooked meals are generally much cheaper.

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